Hackathon rules and information

The purpose of the Green Hackathon Smart Cities is to develop concrete solutions to a number of challenges in order to create attractive, smart and sustainable cities.

After the hackathon the winning teams will be given a chance to be present their solution to the responsible companies or organizations, for the possibility – but no promise – of further development and implementation.

Who can participate?
The contest is free and open to teams of up to five participants. You can either sign up as a team or as a participant who want to form teams with other participants. Note that all team members must register individually. To avoid that participants sign up and then do not show up we will charge participants SEK 700/person unless they cancelled their participation at the latest 5 days before the event.

Maximum number of participants is 100 individuals, or 25 teams. Should more people than that register the organizers will make a selection based on the time of registration, width of skills and diversity among the teams and if you have registered as a full team or not. Teams with only one participant will be sorted out if we reach the roof. You notify the organizers if you already have an existing team and if you seek additional team members when you register.

On the evening Tuesday 26 January 2016, 2.5 weeks before the hackathon, there will be a team-matching event organized by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) which aims to create new teams. You will be invited to this event if you wish more members to your team.

In the hackathon we will have 3-6 concrete challenges with related data and factual information. The challenge description and the type of solution they’re looking for will be presented at this site at Wednesday January 20 2016, more than three weeks before the event.

Hackathon Rules*
1. By registering on http://greenhackathonsmartcities.confetti.events you agree to these contest rules.
2. The contribution must be an application, service, or visualization that shows a solution to at least one of the hackathon challenges.
3. The contribution can use the data and/or facts that are presented with respective challenges, but may in addition combine this with other open and available data sources.
4. The contribution shall be possible to reach via the web with a PC and/or mobile device.
5. The contribution shall be public available from the end of the hackathon – February 13, 2016 – and a month ahead.
6. The contribution may not have been fully or partially published before the event.
7. The contribution language shall be in Swedish or in English. The presentation needs to be in English even though the contribution is in Swedish.
8. The contribution shall not be contrary to Swedish law. The organizers of the Green Hackathon Smart Cities reserves the right to remove entries received where there is doubt about this.
9. The contribution shall be the participation team’s own idea and solution. It should not violate the laws of others intellectual property. In cases where parts of another service, application or framework is used for the solution the source shall be notified and any rights issues concerning this use must be resolved by the team before the hackathon presentation starts.
10. Work on the contribution by the teams can be prepared before the event but the final solution must be put together during the 24 hours of the hackathon.
11. Participating teams are encouraged to contribute to an open, fun, interesting and innovative competition. All participants must be prepared for interaction of the jury, organizers, partners and other stakeholders involved in the event.
12. The participating team has the right to use third parties or third party software.
13. There is no age limit to participate, but legal guardians are responsible for participants under 18 years.
14. A majority of the participating team must attend at the hackathon event and be present during the presentation. Although, it is allowed to register team members that contribute in the preparations before and during the hackathon, that are not present on location.
15. Submission of the contribution shall be sent in through Green Hackathon Smart Cities site no later than February 13, 2016 at 14:45.
16. At the submission of the contribution, the following information shall be entered.
a. Team name
b. The persons included in the team
c. Which of the challenges you have a solution for
d. Brief description of your hackathon contribution
e. What data sources are used
f. What programming or other special technique is used
g. If there are any special copyright notions about the contribution
h. List of third parties that helped or third-party software used
i. Link to the application or web site
j. Link to presentation
17. The teams live presentation and link to the application, service, or visualization may be presented publicly live and on demand afterwards.
18. Suspected cheating leads to disqualification.
19. The Organizers of Green Hackathon Smart Cities have no responsibilty for any malfunctions on the contributions made by the participating teams before, during or after the hackathon. That includes any form of problems or technical malfunction of data connections, servers, computer equipment or software. That also includes any injury or damage to participants’s or other person’s computer related to or caused by running or downloading any of the material contributed to the Green Hackathon Smart Cities competition.
20. In the event of conflict, the organizers of the Green Hackathon Smart Cities prevail when it comes to competition rules and assessment criteria.
21. Teams that do not follow these rules or who otherwise behave in a manner that is not consistent with the goals and spirit of the event may be disqualified.
22. Green Hackathons group organizer reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and evaluation criteria to the starting point for the hackathon.

Rights for the participants and organizers
The rights to the ideas, prototypes, services or other materials produced during the event and contributed in the competition are held by the team members themselves. Green Hackathon Smart Cities reserves the right to describe the entries publicly and present them at the this site, in social media linked to the event and at the participating enterprises and organization channels of communication and marketing.

What can the team win
For each challenge, a winner will be selected. The winning team for each challenge will in some way have the opportunity to present their solution for the company or organization that are responsible for the hackathon challenge. Presentation will be done appropriately and hopefully allow the solution to get the chance to be realized afterwards. The submitted entries will be judged on the following criteria
a. How well they solve the given challenge
b. The contributions creativity, originality and potential for sustainable smart cities
c. The implementation (technology, usability, design and presentation)

For each challenge in the hackathon there’s a separate jury represented by those who grant the challenge and representatives from the organizers. Winners will be announced shortly after the hackathon presentations in Sweco’s office at Gjörwellsgatan 22 in Stockholm. After that they will be published on the event site and also by the organisers and participating companies and organizations, where appropriate.

Code of Conduct
Green Hackathon Smart Cities is an arrangement of zero tolerance towards all forms of harassment regarding gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic background, religion etc. Violations of this Code of Conduct will lead to disqualification.

For questions about the event please contact Kristofer Sjöholm at Sweco: kristofer.sjoholm@sweco.se, 070-784 35 17 or Tinni Ernsjöö Rappe at CESC: tinnir@kth.se

* These hackathon rules have been inspired by Hack for Sweden. Thanks! Don´t miss their 24 hour hackathon in Stockholm based on authority data on March 12-13 2016. More info about the event at http://www.hackforsweden.se

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