Nacka Green Walls and Roofs – Solutions

Team Green++ (the winner)

1.23.40 h in to the video clip

Team members
Isabel Enerson, Leonel Campos, Valerija Stepanova, Hanna Brandner, Maksym Kunytsia

Your solution
Integrated environments for stormwater control, energy improvements, education, and community development.

Data sources and technics

Link to the presentation

Team Berg.Archi

1.28.15 h in to the video clip

Team members:
Robert Wallin, Isabella Bergh, Anton Liljegren

Your solution
How to get a bigger understandment of the values av green wall and roofs among the public. And how the digital approach combined with green architecture could make a big different.

Team Frailejon

1.32.20 h in to the video clip

Nacka Green Walls and Roofs

Team members
Lander Islami, Arlita Rahman

Your solution
3 point solution based on the Plant species, ICT integration and harvesting, and Design

Data sources and technics
1) Smart Citizen Kit, SCK Urban Shield v1.1
2) Adapted Modular Roof
3) Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Copyright notions about the contribution?
Yes, Smart Citizen KIT, Adapted Modular Designs are all copyrighted innovations

Third parties or third-party software?
Arduino Smart Citizen Kit

Link to the presentation

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